Undiluted is a learning experience designed to equip learners to be sexually healthy and responsible. Due to the extremely high rate of teenage pregnancies and HIV infection rate, this programme was developed to influence and encourage teenagers to change their behaviour and make healthy choices regarding their sexuality and relationships. The programme aims to empower participants with the motivation to be sexually responsible and equips them to choose the best option when it comes to sex, love and relationships. The programme comprises 12 hours of learning. Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

Session 1
Pregnancy, Foetal
Development and Abortion
  • Foetal development
  • Abortion law in South Africa
  • Abortion methods in South Africa
Session 2
Pregnancy Options and
  • Exploring feelings surrounding an unplanned pregnancy
  • Explore options when facing an unplanned pregnancy
  • The myths and truths surrounding methods of contraception
Session 3
Sexually Transmitted
Infections (STI’s)
  •  The reality of STI’s
  • Common signs and symptoms of STI’s
  • Myths and truths of STI’s
  • How STI’s are transmitted
Session 4
HIV/AIDS – Part 1
  •  What is HIV and it’s attack the immune system
  • Myths and truths about living with HIV/AIDS
  • Risks of contracting HIV
  • Feelings towards people with HIV/AIDS
Session 5
HIV/AIDS – Part 2
  •  Attitudes to HIV/AIDS and their effect on others
  • The needs of people with HIV/AIDS
Session 6
Personal Testimonies
  • Connecting and relating to people
  • Challenging people’s choices
Session 7
The Media
  • Reasons why teenagers have sex
  • The right to make choices
  • Sources of messages about sex
Session 8
Sex and Sexuality,
Relationships and Setting
  • What is love?
  • Establish the need for healthy boundaries
Session 9
Building Relationships and
Living with a Vision
  • Making plans and setting boundaries
  • Living with a vision